Purpose of the Scholarship Program is to provide financial support to several young students as they enter their first year of college.


1. The youth must have been court   
     involved since the beginning of    
     the current school year.
2. The youth must be college eligible       and is planning on attending a   
     college, university or              
     trade/technical school after they   
     graduate and submit a letter of    
3. The youth must submit an essay          on "Why should they be chosen          for this scholarship award".
4. Youth must submit their last report     card in packet.

All documents must be submitted to their Probation Officer, Mediator, or any JCAG member.

The finalists are voted by the      Executive Board members.
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In the event that you want to contribute to the scholarship fund, please send a check made payable to: JCAG 

Mailing Address
Clayton County Juvenile Justice Center
9163 Tara Blvd
Jonesboro, GA 30236
ATTN: Indya Grier, Scholarship Chairperson

2019 John P. Johnson III Scholarship Letter (Click Here)
National Christian Foundation
Family Literacy of Georgia Inc.
Suzanne Igler
 2017 John P. Johnson III Scholarship Recipient
Walter Gamble
*All pictures and names were released with written permission of the child's parent(s).
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