Community Service

One of our missions of JCAG is to make an impact on the communities we serve. Each year we take the time to get involved and give back. Our network spans over 19 counties. Each year we partner with community organizations that will allow us the privilege to assist our community. 

Our Community Service Chair is Jeff Fox from Henry County Juvenile Court. His contact information is: 

Henry County Juvenile Court completed community service in November, where they donated to the Toy Drive for the month of December.

Henry County Juvenile Court collected food for the local food pantry for the month of November. 

Commissioner Dee Clemons' MLK clean up event at Cochran Park, Henry County.

Henry County Juvenile Court donated books to A Friend's House DFACS Placement, Haven House Woman's Shelter and The Recycling Center. 

Henry County Juvenile Court January Food Drop. 

Henry County Juvenile Court February Food Drop at the Hampton Food Bank