John P. Johnson III Scholarship

We often interact with families who are going through crisis and difficult circumstances. One of our missions is to assist families with direction and tools so that they can emerge from trying situations. One way that we encourage positive steps, is by giving away a scholarship for a deserving student who wants to further their education and may need assistance. JCAG believes that the desire for any student to further their education is a step in the right direction.

The John P. Johnson III scholarship was designed to help those high school students who are court involved, want turn their lives around and become productive citizens. The scholarship was named after Mr. John Johnson who worked at the Clayton County Juvenile Court for 30 years. He served as a Probation Officer, Probation Supervisor and Director for 15 years. He retired in August 2018. Mr. Johnson was a two term JCAG President, received numerous awards and held multiple office positions in JCAG.

2022 John P. Johnson III

Scholarship Guidelines

At the 2022 JCAG Conference, the JCAG Scholarship Committee will present a scholarship check to several high school students who meet college eligibility. The students will be chosen based on the following criteria:

1. The student must be college eligible and is planning on attending a college, university or trade/technical school after they graduate and submit a letter of acceptance to their Probation Officer, Mediator or JCAG Member.

2. The student must have been court involved since the beginning of the current school year of August 2021.

3. The student must attach their most recent progress report card and Submit an essay on “Why they should be chosen for this scholarship” and be turned in to their probation officer, mediator or any JCAG member, who in turn will submit the essay, progress report card and copy of the letter of acceptance to their appropriate court representative.

4. The Court Representative will forward all the documents to: Indya Grier 9163 Tara Boulevard Jonesboro, GA 30236

5. Indya Grier will present the essay, progress report card and copy of the letter of acceptance to the executive board for voting. The child, parent and court officer will be notified of the selection after the May 14th meeting. The student and parent will be presented with the scholarship at the 2022 JCAG Conference Awards Luncheon.