Past Presidents

The following is a list of the presidents responsible for forming and supporting the Association throughout the years

T. Michael Sanford, DeKalb County 

First Association President

Wendell Black, Cobb County

Robert Kettle, DeKalb County

Nancy Jones-Parkhouse, Cobb County

Ed Garnes, Fulton County

Jane Cannon, Clayton County

Dorinda Dowis, Columbus County

Cathy McCumber, Dekalb County

George Collins, Fulton County

Ina Pope, Fulton County

Earl Parker, Henry County

Heather Whitfield, Floyd County

Cindy Mangham, Spalding County

Luzvimenda Donaldson, Gwinnett County

John P. Johnson III, Clayton County (2-Term)

Michelle Shivers, Clayton County

HoChi Lumpkin, Dougherty County

Cindy Mangham, Upson County (2-Term)

Hyacinth Douglas, DeKalb County

Tom Mosely, Clayton County

Valerie Grasso, Cobb County

Keith Parkhouse, Clayton County

Brad Boyd, Fulton County

Lorenzo Mann, Columbus County

Steve Ginino, Chatham County

Jennifer Landry, Clayton County

David Evans, Richmond County

Gary Smith, Chatham County

Mack Sewell, Clarke County

Judy Gant, DeKalb County

Josh Weeks, Cobb County

Carol Gossett, Clayton County (2-Term)

Amy Dowdy, Gwinnett County

Kendra Stevens, Clayton County

Shawn W. Black, Clayton County

Harold Cannon, Fulton County

Sharika Spates, Clayton County

Daniell Robinson, Fulton County

Kendra Stevens, Fulton County

Stanford Cox, Clayton County (2-Term) 

Traci Moultrie, Gwinnett County

Charlatte Smith, Henry County